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An Aggregated B2B E-Marketplace Platform, for Technology

Unique, ecommerce marketplaces per customer vertical integration

CEP – Customer Engagement Platform

Multi tenancy corporate structure

Tiered Distribution

Cloud billing automation with customer self-service & direct vendor integration


Centralised product data & click-to-buy functionality with integrated payment gateways


Digitises the workflow from request to maintenance with vertical integration into vendors & distributors

Sales Automation

Customer Engagement Platform
CPQ Sales Automation
Tiered Distribution

The ChannelCenter Platform

ChannelCenter is an independent B2B platform that connects Resellers with IT vendors and distributors and provides online marketplaces for end-customers to self-service and transact.

The platform digitises and automates the sales process – reducing manual sales interventions, improving the customer experience and reducing operational costs.

What we do

ChannelCenter’s Platform is Built for Resellers.

ChannelCenter is where advanced Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Efficiency intercept.

Customer Experience:

Enhance CX by empowering customers with higher levels of visibility, control and


Use Cases


Digital Efficiency:

Drive down your costs and improve operational efficiencies through digitized workflows and automation.


Use Cases


Customer Experience

Customer Engagement Platform

There is a direct relationship between customer experience and revenue. The customer engagement platform enhances and augments your relationship with your customer.

By providing them with a digital touchpoint to engage with, they can transact and self-service with enhanced visibility, control and transparency.


Customer Experience


Resellers are highly complex businesses, building solutions for clients. Often customer visibility into a Reseller’s overall offerings, is difficult and sometimes impossible.

The ChannelCenter Ecommerce platform enables the Reseller to expose their product and services catalogue (Also used in the CPQ process) giving the market a broader view of their offerings. This can include click to buy, with integrated payment gateways as well as lead generation.


Digital Efficiency

Digital CPQ Sales Automation

Harnessing modern digital workflows enables ChannelCenter’s vertically integrated digital CPQ platform to reduce complexity in the sales processes.

Digitizing customer requests which are directly interfaced through to supplier pricing requests via vertical integration for real time quotes.

Impressing customers with a digitally innovative customer quote approval process (PO automation, delegation of authority levels) with automated fulfilment through API integration into suppliers and if needed gives visibility into the logistics process.

Digital Experience


The ChannelCenter platform includes cloud billing automation with direct vendor integration and Reseller and customer subscription management. This includes subscription purchasing, provisioning and the allocation of the subscription to a specific user.

The cloud services are enabled through the platform’s unique catalogue technology into the CPQ platforms as well as the marketplace.

The tiered nature of the platform enables Resellers to have aggregated visibility in their customers cloud resources, with the added functionality of being able to proxy into each customer’s account. 

Digital Efficiency

Customer Growth Mapping

The platform uses an underlying associated product matrix engine to map where your customer’s best opportunity is. Understanding your customers historic product and vendor purchasing, enables the platform to map your future point of engagements.

Machine learning helps to automate opportunity analysis for cross and upsell, whilst the platform recommendation engine looks to help sales and increase revenue.


Digital Efficiency

Tiered Holding Company Or Distribution Business

The platform’s tiered architectural design facilitates a multi tenancy corporate structure, whereby a group operating company with a regional structure or different operating entities can be linked under a parent tenancy. This facilitates inter-company product and service sharing (if applicable) as well oversight visibility and reporting through to the parent entity.


Unlock Customer Experience

Partner with us in delivering a truly immersive digital experience to your customers.

Why ChannelCenter

More than a XaaS solution

We recognize a Reseller’s ambition to continuously modernize their businesses and remove inefficiencies within their business processes whilst delivering the best possible CX.

Open & Agnostic

A multi-sided, open architecture platform that delivers value to all stakeholders.



Digital First

A cloud-based platform designed for the digital age.



Encompasses the full spectrum of channel management activities.


Automated & Digitised

We’re a cloud platform focused on the automation and digitisation of the ICT channel, because this leads to transactional efficiency, intelligent data use and improved customer experience.


Immediate Value Release

A highly configurable platform which doesn’t necessitate development work by the customer, making for swift and efficient onboarding.


A Toolkit
Specifically for

The breadth of offering within the  ChannelCenter toolkit is unlocking revenue for many system integrators already.

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ChannelCenter’s toolkit includes an omni-product, tiered catalogue and marketplace, sales management suite, customer platforms, billing automation, an API integration framework allowing you to connect to internal and 3rd party systems, omni-product provisioning and management, sales intelligence, internal procurement, renewals and licence management.  

  • Create unique, white-labelled customer marketplaces and load multiple product types and product bundles with tiered catalogues.  
  • Automate the entire sales process from quoting to billing. 
  • Identify sales opportunities through the platform’s product matrix engine.  
  • Drive recurring revenue and improve customer servicing through full visibility of customer licence renewals. 
  • Improve business efficiency and drive end-customer’s business compliance through automated, auditable workflows.  

Use Cases

So How Does
ChannelCenter Help?

Through various use cases we have been able to directly impact customer experience and digital efficiencies within our customers’ businesses.

Internal Procurement

Introduce control and compliance to your customer’s internal procurement

Asset Management

Empower customers by giving them control of their asset information


Simplify and automate the CSP billing process / Facilitate end-user CSP purchasing

Sales Automation

Automate the full sales process – from negotiation to billing

Approval Workflows

Automate repeatable business activities through approval workflows

Group Marketplace

Expose the full breadth and depth of your products through a group marketplace

licence renewals

Give your customer
visibility of licence

Customer Platform

Allow customers to self-service via unique, private ecommerce marketplaces


Manage consumptive and subscription cloud billing

"...an overwhelmingly positive user experience."

Group CIO at EOH Holdings

"...enabled our business to accelerate..."

Managing Director at Aptronics

"...digital differentiation at its best."

Managing Executive at Nexio

“The EOH internal customer platform has accelerated, simplified and streamlined our IT procurement, while dramatically improving levels of compliance.

Importantly, the platform’s ease of use has resulted in an overwhelmingly positive user experience.”

Working with ChannelCenter has enabled our business to accelerate our digital transformation initiatives regarding our B2B and B2C strategy.

The platform has enabled the removal of manual and repetitive tasks inside the business and is well on its way to optimising and bringing efficiency and standardisation to client purchases. 

ChannelCenter’s support extends beyond the platform to business processes, productisation and engagement with internal teams.

ChannelCenter platform’s breadth of offerings allows us to provide self-service capabilities to our clients and simplifies complex cloud billing.

The ChannelCenter team work closely with our account managers to onboard large clients and facilitate their workflows. This is “digital differentiation” at its best.” 


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