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Cybersecurity has played an increasingly important role in the IT landscape in recent years, and has become a constant theme in the lives of both individuals and businesses. Due to technology changing at an astounding rate, threats are evolving rapidly too – with cybercriminals finding new and creative ways to exploit users and technology all the time.

Whereas only a few years ago, security was a fringe issue with not much strategic business importance, it is now viewed as a central part of business strategy due to the massive potential damage which data breaches can incur on a business’ operations and reputation.

As William H. Saito writes on Forbes.com, “Security needs to be positioned as a strategic advantage since it can boost efficiency and save money. Not only is security by design and by default important for protection, creating an integrated implementation will enhance usability products and services and generate a competitive advantage. At a minimum, it will allow us to take back the many benefits ICT provides, and in a safe and secure manner. Stop thinking of cybersecurity as merely a cost center and understand its value as a business enabler.”

Within the IT channel, IT security is a hot topic too. “Security is one of the fastest-growing markets in the IT channel” said NPD Director, Industry Analysis, Commercial Technology Michael Diamond on CRN.com. “For an IT channel that is already on the rise, security is one of the hottest areas for investment” he added.

Diamond cited NPD research numbers to illustrate the booming market, including a security appliance market that has exploded from $77 million in 2013 to more than $1 billion in 2016, at a 10.4 percent CAGR. Diamond added that venture capital has also poured money into security financing, with more than $13 billion invested since 2010 into security startups.

By design, security vendors have formed the bulk of ChannelCenter’s vendor offerings and are an initial point of focus for the platform. ChannelCenter has always made it a priority to offer a top-quality and broad selection of vendors on its platform, and the breadth of ChannelCenter’s offering reflects this. Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender, F-Secure, Sophos and Symantec are all available on ChannelCenter’s digital distribution platform.

ChannelCenter makes it easy for platform users to onboard vendors, security or otherwise. The large selection of security vendors from which to choose facilitates entry into one of the hottest channel market scenes of 2017/2018, and the in-built platform analytics provide users with the ability to maximize the current security opportunity via cross-and-upsell. Users can also view general industry security trends through aggregated channel platform data collected by ChannelCenter, enabling them to see which products are selling well and making it easier to spot trends and selling opportunities.

It all adds up to ChannelCenter re-imagining the channel, enhancing it for the benefit of all who experience it.