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Efficiency and simplicity are two oft-overlooked factors in running a channel business. By utilizing new digital platform technology, ChannelCenter brings both to the fore.

Efficient operational processes are one of those business basics which never hit the headlines or generate much press, yet remain a largely invisible and indispensible part of running a profitable company.

Senior director of industry analysis at CompTIA, Carolyn April, alluded to this whilst chairing a panel discussion on operational efficiency improvement, saying that “It’s not the sexiest topic, but it is so important”.

A recent CompTIA survey of managed service providers (MSPs) and other channel partners revealed various operational pain points, with inefficient service delivery and inefficient sales processes ranking highly.

It’s thus obvious that any technological solution which attempts to redefine channel operations in the digital era should be addressing efficiency as one of its core components.

ChannelCenter’s channel platform does just this, demonstrating improved convenience, efficiency and automation for its users. It enables resellers to onboard their customers onto a white-labelled platform, and empowers them to self-service when it comes to quoting and ordering.

Digitalizing Basic Channel Processes

The basic channel processes of quoting, ordering and paying are digitalized, speeding them up and improving their accuracy and visibility. Resellers can also view and control various billing aspects.

Simplicity is another aspect of channel operations which is vital to efficiency, yet often overlooked.

Research firm Gartner mentions that customers value suppliers who make the purchase process easier. It also states that supplying customers with the right kind of information and support, significantly decreases the kind of purchase regret known to reduce customer loyalty and advocacy.

The ChannelCenter platform has various product features which facilitate simplicity of operations, and make life easier for its users.

Reseller customers for example, can search for, view and purchase products on their resellers’ platform marketplaces, thus getting true visibility on which products are offered. Sign-up widgets allow reseller customers access to the platform, and resellers can manage their license adjustments and user license allocations via the platform as well.

Integrating Ecosystems of People, Business and Things

It’s becoming increasingly clear that as the world transitions to digital, new technologies are enabling efficiency, simplicity and speed like never before.

Gartner mentions digital business ecosystems & the platform economy as being the leverage which organizations need to monetize, manage, and measure information as an asset for competitive advantage, and that digital platforms underpin the creation of new business models by integrating ecosystems of people, business and things.

This shift to business ecosystems requires a change in the people, processes and technologies that underpin the organization. Organizations must be willing to invest in the change to reap long-term rewards.