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Rather than mourning the loss of traditional physical distribution mechanisms, IT channel managers should herald the benefits, efficiencies and opportunities which digitalization brings.

Digitalization has brought with it an incredible amount and variety of changes to almost all industries, revolutionizing operations and processes throughout, and the IT distribution industry is no different. ICT channel executives are firmly in the midst of a wave of digitalization whether they admit it or not, and new technologies are threatening to disrupt the traditional way in which distribution business is being done.

One of these technologies is that of software and systems automation, which takes previously manual processes conducted by employees and digitalizes it. As such, business process automation (or BPM as it is commonly known) has quickly become a highly strategic enabler of business control.

Some of the advantages of software and systems automation include:


Reduced time, effort and cost for the various operational processes.

Consistency & Standardization

Due to the accuracy of computers and software, processes can be highly repeatable with no deviation, ensuring high consistency.

Lowered Costs

The high consistency and standardization of automation eliminates human error and lowers costly mistakes. 


Quality of work results as a byproduct of consistency and standardization.

Saving Time

Computers and software can work and run processes far faster and more accurately than any human, thus saving time.


Automated systems enable a high level of visibility due to the ability to provide a business snapshot at literally any point in time.

Although some channel execs see the encroachment of digitalization on their business as inherently threatening, many more are looking for the positives and opportunities within the digital and automation space.

As Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says,

“Digitization opens up new opportunities for companies to create value. So adopting a digital innovation mindset will automatically lead you to start thinking what kind of value you would like to add to a market in the future.”

As a company which is ‘born-digital’, ChannelCenter provides distributors with a fully digital solution – an affordable, branded reseller platform to more effectively grow their businesses. We’ve identified various key channel functionalities where our platform can make a difference – and segmented it accordingly. Traditional business operation centers such as sales, operations and finance all get the digital treatment.

Our goal is to have vendors, distributors and resellers (our customers) think to themselves “This makes so much sense. Why have we not been able to do things this way before?”

We bring automation workflow to the channel sales process and allow our users to efficiently manage and profile their company and customer contacts. Analytics, customer management, information dashboards and marketing operations create a powerful platform marketing capability, whilst customer, financial and product data is combined with digital machine learning to provide actionable business insights for our platform customers.

Customer enablement is key to our mission. We sat down and thought about the various operational improvements and efficiencies which we could bring to the channel environment and the various intermediaries therein. Our goal is to have vendors, distributors and resellers (our customers) think to themselves “This makes so much sense. Why have we not been able to do things this way before?”

As we enter into a new, more efficient business age, it’s clear that using an automated digital IT distribution platform can have a major positive impact on the efficiency and profitability of IT channel intermediaries.

Don’t get left behind.