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IT resellers face channel business risk, from bad debt exposure to potential license and billing issues. ChannelCenter reimagines a safer and more transparent way for them to do business.

In addition to the usual macro-economic pressures which businesses face, IT distribution channel businesses face some unique pressures of their own.

From the sweeping changes of cloud technology to increased competition via new specialized start-ups, and from smaller margins to increasing direct vendor engagement, it’s fair to say that there are significant additional industry-specific factors which channel distribution businesses need to contend with.

ChannelCenter’s digital and centralized distribution platform can help alleviate some of the inherent risks which resellers face in their daily business operations.

Centralized Processes

With traditional reseller business operations for example, company documents can often be dispersed throughout the organization, with multiple versions of the same document existing on different individuals’ computers, leading to disorganization, inaccuracy and inefficiency.

With ChannelCenter’s distribution platform, channel processes are centralised, visible and transparent. All quotes, orders and transactions are logged in the same location, and logged-in employees only ever see the latest and most up-to-date scenario at all times.

Financial risk is massively important to a business as well. With many channel transactions being conducted via credit terms, it’s of utmost importance that businesses are in control of this area of the company.

ChannelCenter’s credit management functionality gives users full control over applying for, extending and managing customer and supplier credit, whilst full ERP integration results in enhanced system transparency.

Consumption-Based Billing

With many businesses having migrated to cloud, the way software is bought and paid for has changed. Consumption-based billing has many advantages with its emphasis on OPEX costs over CAPEX costs, and as a result has many advocates within business.

However, with on-demand billing care still needs to be taken in properly managing usage consumption, and avoiding over-running budgets.

ChannelCenter’s ability to control consumption limits, along with its software asset management facility enables a business to keep a tight rein on digital license allocation and usage. Internal gated approval controls mitigate risk concerning procurement workflows and facilitate adherence to internal budgets.

With its centralized and integrated digital platform, ChannelCenter not only provides smarter, more efficient channel workflows, but enables IT channel businesses with real potential to minimize business risk on several levels.