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It’s a word which is bandied about frequently these days.

Overused perhaps.

In the case of ChannelCenter though, it’s perhaps appropriate. With the ICT distribution channel coming under pressure from multiple angles including the rise of cloud, digitalization, increased competition and smaller margins, channel businesses need to be more competitive than ever.

ChannelCenter is truly innovative in that it utilizes technological innovation to bring a fresh outlook and business paradigm to the distribution environment. ChannelCenter has conceptualized, developed and perfected a digital platform which integrates the sales, operations and financial functions throughout the channel.

Basically, ChannelCenter exists to facilitate and optimize operations between all channel intermediaries, whilst providing new sets of functionality to channel partners via its unique digital platform.

Distributors can load vendors as per their existing distribution agreements and gain access to a variety of functionality designed to optimize their dealings with vendors and resellers. New sub-distribution agreements can be created and loaded, opening new revenue markets.

Pre-integrated APIs work seamlessly to connect the various channel intermediary IT systems, and facilitate fully automated workflows throughout the platform, whilst simple credentials setup and easy product on-boarding make the process smooth and trouble-free. Users gain access to a variety of clear and logical dashboards, covering a variety of grouped functionalities.

Thus via the system, users can setup vendor profiles and configure products via preloaded product key management. New quotes can be generated and orders placed via the sales portal, whilst the ability to manage product renewals is key from a licensing revenue maintenance perspective. Maintaining an updated database of company and customer contacts is imperative, and ChannelCenter’s operations management portal gives users an easy way to manage these.

Managing the all-important financial aspects of the ChannelCenter platform is simple as well. Distributors can track invoices and payments in real-time through the portal, as well as keep tabs on recurring revenue via a user-friendly dashboard.

And with full support services, ChannelCenter assists its customers in every area, from on-boarding to maintenance.