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Under difficult and stressful trading conditions, it’s vital to keep sales teams focused on important business deliverables and opportunity mapping rather than non-value adding administrative tasks. Intelligent systems that automate and reduce the stress of repetitive activities will inevitably help sales teams deliver better customer value. 

Relieve sales teams to focus on strategic big hits rather than repetitive admin tasks:


Absent a digital customer platform, sales teams spend a disproportionate amount of time on, amongst other things, the quoting process, finding information and performing administrative tasks on behalf of the customer.


Increasingly, businesses are moving towards consumption-based hybrid cloud ecosystems. Consequently, most value accrues over time as customers benefit from their purchases. At the same time, CIOs are expected to drive the customer experience – from the point of first contact, to fulfillment to after-sales support.

…helping employees to focus more of their time on value added work.

This most often entails digitizing products and services, which in turn brings a step change in productivity by helping employees to focus more of their time on value added work, whilst managing exceptions in intelligent and automated systems. What this also means is that sales teams can embrace what the HBR refers to as a change in mindset from “win the customer,” to “show the customer the path to value.”

About ChannelCenter:

ChannelCenter helps enterprise resellers digitize their channel operations by offering them an automated, cloud-based channel solution that allows their customers to seamlessly interact and transact through a single platform.