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Data is becoming increasingly valuable and by running analytics, resellers can gather valuable sales information from which important strategic decisions can be made.  

  • Facilitates better sales and demand analysis. 
  • Helps understand customer behavior offering opportunities to upsell or cross sell. 
  • Helps improve customer service. 
  • Provides a real time analysis of customers past click-through behaviors, transactional history and product preferences. 

Rely on smart use of data to identify opportunity gaps:


Identifying opportunity gaps to up or cross sell is good business practice but can also be time consuming.


Use data to be smarter and identify cross sell and upsell opportunities.

Digitized customer platforms use an underlying product matrix engine to automatically map out where your opportunities lie, per customer. The engine looks at your customer’s previous purchase history and builds an associated vendor, product and category list, helping you to identify additional sales opportunities.

About ChannelCenter:

ChannelCenter helps enterprise resellers digitize their channel operations by offering them an automated, cloud-based channel solution that allows their customers to seamlessly interact and transact through a single platform.