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Many resellers offer a low number of cloud subscription services, meaning they’re missing a trick in terms of cross-sell opportunities and deepening their customer relationships.

We’re in the midst of a digital and cloud technologies revolution.

A recent study by 451 Research revealed that 69% of businesses plan to adopt a multi-cloud strategy by 2019, and the cloud computing-as-a-service (CCaaS?) market is expected to double to $53.3bn by 2021, according to 451’s Market Monitor.

In the midst of all this growth and intent however, resellers are missing a trick by selling a low number of subscription services writes Simon Quicke for Computer Weekly’s Microscope.

Sell Wider, Go Deeper

Most resellers it seems, are selling the Microsoft Office 365 subscription but aren’t diversifying their cloud product portfolio much beyond that. As a result, they’re missing the chance to sell more, as well as develop deeper relationships by becoming a trusted partner in their customers’ digital transformation journeys.

As such, it’s important that resellers deliver vendor diversity to help companies mix and match their cloud services in a way that best suits their business. By being transparent and vendor-neutral, as well as offering a wide-range of cloud subscription services, resellers can source the truly best solution for their end-users, earning their trust in the process.

Having a multi-cloud offering also gives resellers an opportunity to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Selling cloud software outside of the usual Office 365 suite not only opens a reseller up to potential new customers but also projects a tech-savvy image into the market.

Consider Specialisation

Lending further credence to the idea of providing a multi-cloud offering, Chris Roberts suggests in a different article on the same website that “resellers should strongly consider specialisation by searching out a key multi-cloud niche vertical market to make their own. This makes it easy for end-clients to differentiate those resellers from the crowd that offers ‘vanilla’ services which are simply resold or provided wholesale.”

So catering for the growing demands of end-user businesses for a diversity of cloud solutions, and finding the right niche can potentially lead to long-term rewards. And having a reseller cloud platform solution can enable this market approach.

A Digital and Cloud Solution

ChannelCenter is itself a digital and cloud solution which plays in this rapidly growing space. The distribution platform is well suited to vendor cloud diversity, enabling its users to have a single ‘pane of glass’ to shop, order and manage products and services across software, hardware and cloud programs.

The platform caters for a variety of product formats – ESD, MSP, CSP and hardware can all be provisioned via the system, covering various major product configurations from legacy to modern, and supporting a wide variety of vendors – great for resellers striving to broaden their vendor diversity offering.

Utilizing API technology, ChannelCenter integrates into vendor systems, facilitating automation and customer self-service via its feature-rich white-labelled end-customer portal interface.

The platform also contains various functionalities such as a product marketplace, quote to invoice workflow, an end-user platform, ecommerce multi-store functionality, and customer asset and license management.

Simon Quicke ends his article by succinctly summing up the current market situation:

“The customer is getting wiser and knows what they want. The role for the IT partner…is going to be to enable that business strategy with the various technologies and platforms around that. Digitisation is here to stay.”