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A focused creative, technology agency specialised for the ICT channel.

Old methods don’t work.

Times have changed.

The market and their needs have become more sophisticated.

Don’t get left behind.

What we do

TCA Services

Channel marketing is viewed through an extremely narrow, traditional, and limited lens. Pre-pandemic the tools of choice were round tables, events and bulk emailing.

Ever wondered what tools start-ups, successful e-tailers, social networks and other new tech business use?

…the communication we develop is centered on market-driven insights and a firm understanding of ICT channel customer behaviour.

Do the terms growth hacking, customer funnel management, and agile communication optimisation sound familiar? To us, these concepts are the formula for marketing success.

TheChannelAgency’s knowledge of the channel, channel product, and channel communication runs deep. Because of this, the communication we develop is centered on market-driven insights and a firm understanding of ICT channel customer behaviour. At every stage of the digital communication journey, we measure and optimise to ensure maximum marketing ROI.

Why TheChannelAgency

Channel Agency Services


Platform operations and catalogue management

  • Digital transformation plan
  • Target operational model definition
  • Planning framework
    (yearly, QBR, monthly)
  • Targets


Managing client onboarding pipeline & driving platform usage.

  • Pipeline management
  • Sales training
  • Client presentations
  • Platform demos


Integration, productised DevOPS cloud scripting

  • Integration
  • DevOps deployment scripting
  • Productisation provisioning
  • Azure, AWS & GCP agnostic
  • Microservices development



  • Strategic plan
  • Productisation
  • Growth hacking
  • ABM – Account based marketing
  • ROI & Insights


Marketing Communications & Strategy Services

Product / Service / Process

  • New product, service & process opportunity mapping
  • Process optimisation & change management
  • Target audience definition / Customer needs articulation
  • MVP Product / Market fit (preto-typing & testing of new products and services


  • SEO
  • Product descriptions & display
  • Pixel tracking
  • Remarketing

GTM Digital Strategy

  • Digital campaign goals & objectives
  • Media planning (channels & touchpoints) & budgeting
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Measurement approach (KPIs and analytics)


  • Product Campaign strategic big idea
  • Product campaign messaging approach
  • Always on messaging approach
  • Collateral conceptualisation & design
  • Communication execution per channel / touchpoint

Change Management

  • Internal platform awareness & adoption strtategies
  • End customer awareness & adoption strategies
  • Internal platform training interventions (LMS)
  • End-customer platform training interventions

Vendor Funding

  • Vendor funding pitch decks compilation
  • Funding business case (Budget & ROI calculations)
  • Spend optimisation
  • Reporting & analysis

The How

Our Services &

The outputs we develop for our clients represent the sweet spot where strategy, customer behaviour, and data measurement intercept. This is our secret sauce!

Our insights-led approach to communication means we tailor communication by customer engagement stage and touchpoint – dramatically increasing communication effectiveness.

Driven by innovation and human behavior, we change the way Channel businesses connect with audiences in a digital world.

Customer acquisition, sales and loyalty driven by data science


Customer Funnel Management

Bringing measurability to Channel communication.

We believe that if you can’t measure it, you shouldn’t do it.

TheChannelAgency employs best-in-class, real-time customer funnel tools that measure a customer’s progress through the sales journey – from awareness to product purchase.

This means that every customer action is tracked, measured and reported – allowing us to optimise communication for the best results.

Product Market Fit

Your partner from productisation to performance optimisation

Why spend tens of thousands of rands on an offering that might not have a market?

It may sound counterintuitive, but when conceptualising offerings, we believe it’s best to make better mistakes faster. It’s a far more cost-effective approach to ensuring long-term sales success.

TheChannelAgency’s product market fit (PMF) methodology is a great technique to validate and launch new offerings. Together, we’re able to quickly iterate ideas, validate concepts and make rapid decisions about what to build.

…to ensure that the target market, messaging and price are primed for success.

Our methodology also helps you determine who your best target customer is, whether your price point is suited to the customer pain point, and how to communicate the offer to your customer once it’s been built.

Once a product goes to market, we use our agile learning and communication optimisation approach to ensure that the target market, messaging and price are primed for success.


Vendor Funding Management

Compiling a successful vendor funding request is an important but time-consuming task for marketing teams. It’s also just the start of the process.

Many service providers can assist but very few apply stringent marketing practices and methodologies to forecast ROI and iterate live campaigns for better results (agile learning and improvement).


This is what sets TheChannelAgency apart:


  • Predictive methodologies to determine expected sales drop-through

  • Live measurement tools for real-time results

  • Adaptive campaigns – modified based on live data and learnings

TheChannelAgency’s offering:

Digital campaign collateral concept and design

Spend optimisation

Vendor funding pitch decks compilation (business case & ROI calcukations)

Strategic campaign planning

Collateral effectiveness testing and optimisation

Reporting & analysis


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